Friday, July 8, 2011

Handmade maniac

Yes, I am crazy about handmade recently :)
That's why you see a bunch of local handmade talents' links on my blog.

All those handmade handphone pounch, tote bags, doll etc are so special and unique and I quickly fall in love with it. The fabrics they used are so so nice, and made me feel good by just looking at them :P So I decided to make that as my next hobby.

Sewing is never a new thing to me as my mom used to do a lot of sewing when I were young. So I believe I can do it because I have such a good 'sifu'. However, I can't start any handmade projects right now because my mom doesn't allow as I still in preg :(

So I decided to do some fabrics collections first, because they look so tempting.

By looking at those fabrics brighten up my day. I like the look and feel of those Japanese Linen Cotton :) It's just so zakka.
I can't wait to make something out from them :)

These are my first batch of fabrics collection.

Aren't they just lovely?

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